Our Process

Our Prospective Client Process

INTRODUCTORY MEETING: Generally, the first step in a potential relationship is an introductory meeting. The first meeting always comes with no cost and no obligation. At the meeting we will get to know each other. Our goal is learn about you, your family, your goals, and how we might be able to help. We will answer any questions that you may have, and at the end determine whether or not it makes sense to move forward with a relationship.

  • We would love to meet you in person. The service we can provide for you is more thorough if we can get to know you, your family, your situation and your goals. This is more easily accomplished through an in-person meeting.
  • We understand that everyone is busy. Work, family, and life in general often get in the way of your to-do list. If you cannot make time for a meeting at our office, and if you are interested in starting the financial planning process with us, we can start by phone.
  • Please CONTACT US to schedule your first meeting.

PLANNING / INVESTMENT MEETING: After we make the decision to work together, we will schedule our next meeting to start the financial planning or investment process, depending on which service(s) you choose.