At Kinship AdvisorsSM we are committed to flexibility. We prefer not to use the “one-size fits all” approach that dominates that financial advisory business. We offer three separate services, investment management, comprehensive financial planning, and hourly financial advice. Clients are free to engage us any way that they choose. And because we charge separately for each service, clients can rest assured that they are not paying for services that do not apply to them.

Investment Management Services
We believe that most investors are better off using an advisor to assist them with their investment strategy. We offer investment management services at a very reasonable price. We are able to do this because of our business structure, and the fact that we do not “throw in” planning services that you may or may not want/need. Clients may select services based on their client-identified needs, which may include:

  • Investment Management
    • Risk/return Profile Assessment
    • Investment Portfolio Design
    • Ongoing Portfolio Monitoring & Rebalancing
  • Investment contribution and/or distribution planning.
  • Ongoing administrative account services
  • Annual investment review meeting
  • Fee is based on a percentage of managed assets.

Comprehensive Financial Planning
For clients who are looking for an in-depth analysis of their entire financial life, we offer comprehensive financial planning services for an annual fee.

  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Debt Analysis
  • Detailed Retirement and/or College Projections
  • Risk/Return Profile Assessment
  • Strategic Asset Allocation Recommendations
  • Detailed Insurance Analysis and Recommendations
  • Coordination with tax, insurance, and estate planning professionals
  • Written summary of plan and action steps
  • Annual planning review meeting, plus 3 quarterly check-ins.
  • $50 per month, minimum one-year commitment.

Targeted Financial Advice
Since comprehensive planning isn’t for everyone, we are also happy to offer targeted advice on individual topics, like retirement planning, college planning, etc. Or take a look at your financial “big picture” in less detail.
Fees for services are subject to the terms of the applicable Investment Services Agreement entered into by the client.

Kinship AdvisorsSM is a service mark of McNamara Financial Services, Inc.